Monday, June 25, 2012

The 'Drama' In My School-.-

Hey people!I 'm so sorry that I didn 't post anything yesterday.I was too busy finishing my homework.Did I mention that today was the first day of school?No,not the FIRST day.I mean its the first day after a whole month of holiday.Whats worst is that you are rushing to finish your homework but ended up just doing 90% of it.That happened to me.Can you imagine??!!!More than nine worksheets and two compositions to finish.How the hell are you going to finish all of that in just two days??!!Yeah ,IKR!Anyways,this post was about this 'first' day of school.I woke up in time(which is a good thing),showered,brushed and tie my hair,wear my clothes and made breakfast for my cute & adorable brother(hes 10.TeeHee^^).I made toast and spread butter on it.I had to spread butter,Its my brother 's favorite.^^I set off for school and (when i reached school,obviously-.-)saw my bff.She has been with me from grade 1.Well,let me tell you guys about my enemy.She has been trying to get my best friend FOREVER since the starting of this year.And I have been living in hell because of her.Okay,if you dont understand.This person is act as if she is pretty but she has    low marks for her subjects.Since the 'popular' girls starts hanging out with her,she is acting as if she is all that great.-.-This kind of people.....idk what to say.

                                                         -Don 't keep calm and slap that bitch,hard. ^^(Fyeah <3)

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  1. nice work out, i also do the previous night