Saturday, June 23, 2012

I 'm Back Again!:)

Heyya guys!I haven 't post anything for a long time.So thats why i taught about my blog and want the write again.Well,its a few days left and its school!Well,Its hell for me to go to school.The place where I always get bullied by so many people and I still don 't want to lose.Sometimes,I want to give up and get transfer classes,ya know and I told my form teacher about this(glad,she understands) and she gave me a lecture.I WANT to have friends and i want happiness.Like seriously?!Who wouldn 't want HAPPINESS??!!Duhh...Anyways,remember this people who always get stepped on and being treated like a mat,Just believe in yrself and one day,you will learn who yr true friends are.

In Life,We Never Lose Friends.We Only Learn Who The True Ones Are

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