Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Amazing Day

Hi Again People!Today was okay.But normally at P.E(physical education.Duhh-.-)I would want to join this 'person' 's group ,but usually,her group is full.So ,of course i will not join any damn freaking group.I would sit at a corner alone and hear my P.E teacher 's instructions.If the games that were conducted on that very day is boring,i 'll just see people play(which means,I dont play).Well,P.E lessons are only on Wednesday and Thursday.Today is Wednesday.So,there is P.E,obviously-.-.As usual,their group is full.So I didn 't play but it was fine seeing my friend,Gerard play.Kah Fook(my classmate) and Gerard was soo funny that I laughed my head off.They really lit up my day.I was feeling so....errr,or I mean mixture of anger and sadness.Yeahh....But they always made up jokes.And they seriously light up my day.They are really clowns.:)Thank you Gerard and Kah Fook For always making my day everyday.(Get it?:))Okay people,I can 't stay long.BuhBye.

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