Saturday, October 13, 2012

My seniors and my friend .

Its been a while since I posted anything.I live in a country named Singapore.I am a Muslim thus,I 'm Asian.Peace.Anyway,I am in grade 5 and my seniors are in grade 6.Okay,here it goes.There 's a senior named Khairisya. But people call her Sassya. My other senior 's name is Aleeza.When they are in grade 5,they were like magnets  Best friends forever.But somehow ,things started to change.In grade 6 , which is now,both of them found their own friends and started to not talk to each other.Soon, they started fighting.Friends became enemies and everything was complicated. I was still young so I was innocent.After a while,they became friends again.Soon after,they fight again.On the 23/03/2011,Sassya found a new friend.Her name was Elly. Her nickname was Nana. Soon ,they started to be best friends ,then ,girlfriends and now,sisters.But they broke up.Honestly,I don 't want their relationship to be gone forever .NO.And well,they went through a lot together and a few days ago,they got back together.In twitter,Sassya tweeted ''Secondly ,I miss #230311.Thirdly,I miss #230311.Okay,I repeated that two time already.'During the time when they were friends,they are sooo popular at school and everyone knows that.And now,today,they fought.Balqis and Sassya fought with Elly.2 vs. 1 .FIGHT!!!I 'm sure Elly  felt sad.And Elly blocked them .I put myself into her shoes and I understand how she felt.She does n 't have a mum and her dad is busy working.And her beloved grandma is hospitallised .All that love she could ever feel comes from her father. Her mother passed away when she was very young.And she gets all the freedom she wants.Money ,too.And I think she deserves more care and attention .And most importantly,Love.

Who 's side will you be on?Leave your comments below.