Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Life

Well,you know,my life isn 't as good or as happy as you guys.Today,recess time at school,my classmate,Shafiqah,was really sabotaging me.She was like acting so cool.Ah!A few years ago,there 's this girl named Amira that has been my classmate for years.I thought i could trust her.So,i told her my secret and everthing private abt me.Then,the next day we had a fight.She said she will break all the secrets i told her.Just 1 secret spread the whole school.I was heartbroken and really didn 't want to go to school but i don 't have any choice.So,i went to achool.When i stepped in the school,so many people was laughing but i beared with it.Until recess time came,i went to the eco-garden and cried there.I was heartbroken.I just can 't.......................Nvm.Talk to you tommorow.

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